Professional Development

Proficiency-Based Teaching & Learning
Submitted by: Julie Weller, North Medford High School, Choral Teacher

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  1. What is Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning?
  2. The Purpose of the Tools Used in Proficiency
  3. Elements of Proficiency Grading from A Repair Kit for Grading – 15 Fixes for Broken Grades by Ken O’Connor


  1. Music Course Expectations Letter
  2. CapMap Reading Music
  3. CapMap Vocal Performance


  1. Expressive Performance Skills
  2. Generic Music Reading Skills
  3. Performance Assessment designed by Yoko Kan, South Medford HS

Learning Targets

  1. Learning Targets for Band – 1st Quarter designed by Yoko Kan, South Medford HS
  2. Learning Targets for Women’s and Men’s Choirs


  1. National Standards for Music Education
  2. Oregon Arts State Standards

Teacher Workshops

July 14-19, 2024- Ashland Chamber Music Workshop

August 15, 2024- Orchestra Teachers Summer Gathering

Voice Teacher Resources

  1. A Cappella Resources by Peter Holden
  2. My 3Choral Cs and Peter-isms by Steve Peters
  3. Warm-Up Sequence by Dr. Christopher Peterson
  4. Classic Tags by David Wright
  5. Working with the Adolescent Voice by Dr. Steve Zielke

Teacher Resources

  1. Band Together by Dr. Scott Schuler
  2. Keeping Our Balance by Dr. Scott Shuler